Most of our jewelry requires little care - but jewelry needs some love from time to time to keep it sparkling! We recommend taking off your jewelry when swimming, jacuzzi-ing, playing sports, or any kind of strenuous exercise. With that in mind, always remember where you place your jewelry so you don’t lose it!

Gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies & emeralds:

Mix a small amount of gentle degreasing solution with warm water in a bowl (not above an open sink!). Put jewelry into a bowl. Use an ultrasoft, clean, toothbrush to gently remove dirt. Remove jewelry from the soapy water, rinse and dry with a jewelry polishing cloth.


As you probably know, silver tarnishes quickly when it comes in contact with oxygen or sulfur. Luckily, the more you wear your silver jewelry, the less it will tarnish!

When storing your silver jewelry, make sure to use an airtight bag to keep as much oxygen out of contact with the silver. You can also put a piece of chalk in with the jewelry - this will slow down the tarnishing process when your piece is being stored.

To clean your silver jewelry (tarnished or just for some extra shine) use a jewelry polishing cloth to gently wipe it down. Silver is a soft metal so remember not to use anything that will leave scratch marks.


Pearls are sensitive and require some mindfulness. Avoid contact with water, especially chlorine (whether in a pool, jacuzzi or even a shower). Pearls are sensitive to chemicals found in cosmetics, hair spray and perfume. With this in mind, in order to preserve your pearls luster for years to come, we recommend you put them on last and take them off first when getting your fine-self ready.

Don’t let this stop you from wearing your pearls though! Pearls love the natural oils found in your skin, these oils will keep your pearls glowing. Pearls should ONLY be cleaned with a damp polishing cloth.


Opals are soft and delicate stones. Avoid any drastic changes in climate, temperature, humidity and extreme sunlight. To best care for your opals, don't wear them while partaking in physical activities and try to avoid contact with soap, water, chemicals and cleaning fluids. Lastly, be mindful when taking your opal jewelry off and placing it down, always do this gently as opals can crack easily. To clean opal jewelry, use a jewelry polishing cloth to gently wipe it down.


Dampen a clean polishing cloth to wipe the stone(s). When done polishing, dry your jewelry using a new polishing cloth or a soft towel.